(Authorized signature and date required to be signed, scanned and emailed to info@harryklein.ca)

Referred to herein as KB Shoe Shine Chairs or KB Chairs
(Authorized signature and date required to be signed, scanned and emailed to info@harryklein.ca)


All  KB chairs are shipped fully assembled.

When your Rented KB Chairs arrive at your location, take a few minutes to inspect the chair. If there are any problems or damage to the chair (s) please send us an email describing the problem along with a few digital pictures clearly identifying the problem(s). Should any damages occur while the chair (s) are in your possession, i.e. loss, damage to the seating, metal magazine tray, 2 foot rests, platform, drawer, or damages in any way, the cost of fixing/replacing any missing parts will be deducted from your deposit.

The minimum amount of $3000.00 per KB Chair is required as a deposit, made payable by either ​ Bank Wire Transfer ​or Certified Check made out to our registered company name Le Petit Cireur Harry Klein​ . When the KB Chair or Chairs are returned to us, in the same condition you received them, as per the agreed upon terms, we will deduct the cost for the agreed upon rental fee of the KB Chair (s) and promptly mail you the refund for the balance.

The cost to rent a KB Chair is $300.00 + tx  per day. There will be a penalty fee of $300.00 + tx per chair, for each day the chair (s) have not been returned to our facility as per the mutually agreed upon date.

Depending on the number of chairs required and the availability, all chairs will be KB Shoe Shine Chairs but not necessarily identical.

The cost to ship from our facility / destination​ to your destination ​'return​ ​' is the sole responsibility of the client​ ​.​

Essential Office Information Required for Custom’s Forms:


1- Full Corporate Company Name, along with complete mailing address including complete shipping address, if it is different.

2- Full name of Contact, Office Telephone and Cellular Number with area code

3- Your Company’s EIN (Tax I.D Number)

If this is a Private Rental we require your complete name address and telephone number (with area code) and instead of an EIN # the Customs form that we are required to fill out will need your Social Security number.
To place an order we require an email from you with the following details:*The number of days must include the time it takes to ship the KB Chair (s) to your destination plus the number of days return shipping, back to our facility.
3* The date you require the shoe shine chair (s) to arrive.

4-This agreement requires an authorized signature from a signing officer of the company and must be faxed to us in order to Reserve the KB Shoe Shine Chair (s).

5- A description of the KB Chair (s) you wish to rent indicated by model number. Example: KB-110C1P (Black Seating)

To download the PDF file of this agreement, right click on the following link and then select 'Save As' Download PDF file Here. Fill in the fields requested then put the date on it, sign it and fax the agreement back to us.

Within 24 hrs you will receive an invoice with all the details of your request to rent. including our Bank Wire Transfer Information.



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